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Going Crabbing

It’s Crabbing Season!

As a family, we love crabbing. We crab from the pier in Oban, in our seawater quarry at the bottom of the garden or from Tepco, our wooden dinghy.

Where ever you are crabbing the rules are more or less similar…

Gone Crabbing

Do find a spot that has shelving rocks this offers crabs protection and shade.

Do make sure your line reaches to the bed or rock so the crab can get a good grip.

Don’t use a hook (you may well be going to eat the blighters but don’t let them suffer).

Do use a piece of bacon, liver or some mackerel and tie it securely onto your line.

Do lift the line up slowly and have a net ready, when the crab is out of the water it will jump off!

Don’t store too many crabs in the same bucket.

Do offer them some shade and change the water regularly.

Do release them humanely if not taking them home for tea.



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