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Family Holiday



Choosing A Family Holiday

Just when I think I’ve found the perfect type of holiday for my family, BOOM they’ve gone and grown up a little more. As everyone knows we spend a lot of time up near Oban in our small cottage by the sea, but when you live in Scotland sometimes a bit of sunshine and city life can be sooo tempting.

This year we are venturing further afield and taking the kids to Spain. Starting in Madrid, where we are staying in a small hotel outside the city by a lake for 4 days to get acclimatised to the heat (will post about it on return), then 3 days in an apartment in central Madrid from the Airbnb website. We haven’t used them before but are curious to see how it pans out staying in someones vacated home. Followed by, and this is sadly the bit I’m most excited about, the bullet train to Barcelona, it is 671 km and takes only 2.5 hrs.


My husband and I love Barcelona and have been longing to take the kids for them to enjoy some authentic Tapas. We don’t mind staying a subway journey into the heart of the city especially as this can offer the pleasures of a beach and marina being only  minutes into the heart of a beautiful city with interesting architecture and amazing markets.






Then flights back from Barcelona to a gorgeous Scotland in full summer….

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