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Open Water Swimming

Millarochy Bay, Scotland

Interview with Robert Hamilton10330435_572010842922243_150072017489074870_n


I love Open Water Swimming but only do it in Scotland in the summer. We spoke to Robert Hamilton from Vigour Events about his passion for Open Water Swimming, maybe he can persuade me to don the wetsuit in winter too!

Check out their website and become totally immersed.


1. When did you start to be interested in Open Swimming and what motivated you?

I became interested in open swimming 7 years ago as I enjoy the challenge and exploring different environments and can cope with the Cold!


2. Do you feel you have created a community of followers keen to get open swimming out in the open shall we say?

We have over 800 followers and this is growing.

Wow you have another one now Robert!

3. If you could ask your die hard swimmers one thing and get an answer from all of them, what would that be?

If I could ask my die hard swimmers anything it would be FREEDOM!!!!!! (William Wallace)

Open swimming certainly gives you that, Robert!


4. Feel free to give a shout out to some of your most active members.

My most active members are: Scott McQuaid, Joyce Watt, Gary Smith, Brian Wiseman.


5. What are some of the topics close to your heart that you feel need to be addressed to get more kids swimming?

The topics close to my heart is to raise more awareness of water safety as at times I feel that this is not a high priority in peoples agendas.


6. Have you learnt any really useful tips to help parents?

Useful tips to help parents would be to allow their kids the chance to develop their abilities in the water by themselves and at their own pace.

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