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How To Keep Your Hooded Towels Soft And Fluffy in 4 Easy Steps


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Our velour towels are soft and fluffy for drying your wee ones and using these 4 steps you can ensure that they stay that way.

1. Sounds gross but every three to four washes avoid using detergent, and instead, use 100ml of white vinegar (I add it to the draw before the rinse cycle).This prevents a build up chemicals which leave your towels feeling stiff and scratchy.

2. Don’t overload your drum.

3. Use a 60° cycle ( our hooded towels can safely be washed at 60°) in the washing machine and a medium heat in the tumble dryer, any hotter and the integrity of the fibres break down.

4. Never use a fabric softener as this can create a waxy build-up and affect the absorbency of the towel.

Happy drying!

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