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Easy Suppers

Easy Supper Ideas

To start I want to thank all of you who have told me they find my recipeless recipes useful. So today I’ll post what we had for tea last night, this is so simple and you can add other veg of your choice, we quite often have courgettes, fennel or aubergine in it.

Roasted Halloumi Cheese And VegetablesHallomi ing again

  • Chop veg of your choice, I’ve used peppers, red onion and tomatoes.
  • Toss in a roasting tin with chunks of halloumi cheese, oil and woody herbs eg thyme, rosemary.Easy suppers
  • Roast in a med to hot oven until the veg are cooked and the cheese is starting to brown.
  • Place the couscous in a bowl and cover with boiling stock to come 2cm above the grains, leave for 15mins.
  • Serve the couscous and the roasted veg and cheese together with a salad or just some dressed avocado.

Simple and healthy!

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