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The Kelpies

Mima's picture of The Kelpies

A Visit To The Kelpies, Falkirk

After one of the children asked what the Kelpies were and my reply was “some metal horses, I think”, I decided to do some Googling and this led me to find out a few things. That they were less than an hour away and that their ‘foals’ were proving so popular in New York that people were coming to Scotland to visit the real ones. So, intrigued, or at least I was, we set off with Biba in the boot to find these mythical horses.

They are in fact in Falkirk, not the most amazing place in Scotland, but benefiting from large sums of Lottery funding and showing distinct potential in the form of landscaping along the Forth and Clyde Canal, which stretches from the Firth of Forth across to the Firth Of Clyde. We paid £11 for 3 of us ( and Biba) to take a tour with a lovely girl called Mhairi who had some artistic leanings making the talk more appealing to the kids by describing the legends of the Kelpies, mythical water horses who led folk to a watery death, in an dramatic way.  She also went on to tell us about the artist, Andy Scott, who had been commissioned to make the steel structures and how he had stood on “this exact spot to look at the hills in the distance and imagine their ideal finished height”, which in this case was 30metres. The horses are constructed of tubular steel with over 900 steel panels covering them and are based on 2 actual Clydesdale horses that are alive and kicking today and live in Glasgow called Duke and Baron.

Mima's picture of The Kelpies

Mima’s picture of The Kelpies

The ‘foals’ I described earlier are the 3m models Andy Scott first created these were shown in New York as publicity and  the city were so taken with them they have remained there.

After being allowed inside to study the construction we then went over to the gourmet burger van and had an average burger with a wonderful view of 2 of the worlds largest equine sculptures and felt it had been a morning well spent, definitely worth a visit.



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