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Hampers For Campers To Stock The Hooded Towels

Hooded Towels For Holiday Makers

Cool Camp Hampers have asked if they can supply their customers with our hooded towels, hurrah!

It’s great when you meet someone who has sort of the same outlook on life as yourself and, if you are both entrepreneurs, all the more so. It helps validate your reasons to want to be on this crazy journey of ups and downs and put the ‘why did I start this?’ voice out of ¬†your head. But to meet someone like Claire McMillan, founder of Cool Camp Hampers, was to meet someone who also shares my passionate love of the outdoors and I think her business is fab. Not only does she love the Scottish countryside, she loves it’s food too and she has combined these two things in Cool Camp Hampers which, when pre ordered, can be delivered to your campsite or other accommodation allowing you to get on enjoying your holiday in style.

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