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A Student Internship

Interns with the hooded towels

It’s Christmas time in my final year of University and everyone’s applying for graduate roles and schemes, everyone that is except me. Every time I come to undergo the disheartening task of searching for jobs I’m faced with profile after profile filled with corporate jargon that doesn’t interest me. I am also becoming increasingly aware that many companies ask for experience, but if everyone wants you to have experience before you start then how can you get experience?! After the realization that I needed something extra on my CV, other than ‘MA English Literature and Spanish’, I decided to try and secure an internship which I could carry out alongside my studies.

The search began and, long story short, I stumbled across an internship with The Hooded Towel Co.; a student internship that promised experience in a creative business environment. Perfect! This is just the kind of thing I need, I thought to myself. So I applied and was soon asked by Rachel, founder of The Hooded Towel Co., to come along for an interview. Needless to say, I got the job.

Fast forward 5 months, and here I am writing a blog post for the website about my time here at The Hooded Towel Co. First and foremost, I’d like to say that I’ve had a great time working alongside Rachel, because she has been very supportive and understanding. The variety of tasks that I have been put to, from researching ideas for labeling and packaging to writing and editing web content, reflects her willingness to enrich the internship experience. So many an intern is simply asked to make some photocopies and brew the tea and coffee. Here at The Hooded Towel Co., however, I have had an insight into the process of starting up a business; having an input in that process has been an incredibly worthwhile experience.

Interns with the hooded towels

Erin and I unpacking the hooded towels!

But what now? What next? Well, if I’m completely honest, those are two questions I still don’t know the answers to. So far my plans extend to soaking up the graduation experience of gowns and champagne, watching Wimbledon, the FIFA World Cup, the Commonwealth Games, and maybe going on holiday in between. I, of course, am looking for a job, but now when I look at applications ¬†and job descriptions I don’t see a load of irrelevant jargon, instead I see the qualities and requirements that I fulfill thanks to my internship at The Hooded Towel Co.

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